About Us.

Welcome to Zero Management Pvt. Ltd., a real property management company located in Gwarko, Lalitpur, Nepal. We provide you a complete property management services.
Zero Management Pvt. Ltd, is newly established company for online marketing with a list of buyers and sellers, who seeks to establish a strong presence in the real property Management. The https://www.mypropertynepal.com is a professionally managed Real Asset Management website with or without agent based that represents promoters and buyers in an organized and transparent platform, by adding unique features in Nepalese real estate business. We also facilitate a transparent buyer-seller agreement to ensure smooth transfer of property within shortest period of time. Its easy, convienent into the way people search for property, find a buyer, tenant or locate an expert, we create a unique property experience for all our customers.


Our Services

1. Property Listing
  • We list all of your property at minimum cost.
2. Property Counseling
  • We have high range of property in case you can contact us and we give you detailed information regarding our property at free of cost.
3. Property Valuation Services
  • We make you property valuation accurately and efficiently.
4. Legal Support
  • We list all of your property at minimum cost.
5. Housing Company
  • Make your dream house with us and we ensure to turn it into reality with architectures and civil engineers.
6. Maintenance/Construction Services
  • We Provide Maintenance as well as construction service of your house with minimal cost.
7. Bank Finance
  • We Provide Loan From banks as it would not hinder your dream house to be yours.